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1 Diamond Bank HeadQuarters (Seven (7) Equipments) Prince Alaba Oniru Way , V. I Lagos 4nos. 1800kg/24p pass. lift serving 15s/o @ 2.5m/s.      1no. 1000kg/13p, pass. lift serving  15s/o, @ 2.5m/s                                                                 2nos.200kg, microlift bi-parting, dumbwaiter serving 2s/o @ 0.35m/s Client: Diamond Bank Plc (Now Access Bank Plc)                                                                  Consultant: CA Consultants Ongoing
2 Airport Terminal For Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria FAAN, Lagos                                 (Thirty-One (31) Equipments) Muritala Muhammed Airport  Lagos 22nos passanger Elevators ranging from 1000kg/2000kg serving 2s/o to 4s/o @1m/s                                                        8nos Escalators;1000mm step width,35deg inclination between 5.1m to 4.05m vertical height.                                                                      1no. Autowalk; 1000mm pallet width; 0deg inclination and 23.4m Horizontal Distance Client: Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria                                                Main Contractor: China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Nigeria Ltd                     Consultant: Arcaid Consultnts Ongoing
3 Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)                             (Twenty (20) Equipments) Yenagoa , Bayelsa 2nos. 1600kg/12p pass. Lift serving 14s/o @ 1.6m/s                                                           1no. 1600kg/21p, pass. Lift serving 16s/o @ 1.6m/s                                                          1no. 630/8p, pass.lift serving 16s/o @ 1.6m/s                                                                   1no. 1000kg/13p, pass. lift serving, 2s/o  @ 1m/s; 2 nos 1800kg/24P 5S/O @ 1m/s; 2nos 1000kg/13P 5s/o @ 1m/s; 1no. 1000kg/13P 5s/o @ 1m/s; 2nos 1275kg/17P 2s/o @ 1m/s; 2nos 1600kg/21P 14S/O @ 1.6m/s; 1no. 1275kg/17P 15s/o @ 1.6m/s; 1no. 1600kg/21P 17s/o @ 1.6m/s; 2nos TM110B Escalators, 1000mm Step Width; 35degree Inclination and 4.05metres Vertical Height Client: Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board                                               Main Contractor: Megastar Technical & Construction Company Ltd Ongoing
4 Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG)                                                    ( Five (5)Equipments) Plot 71, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Opposite Panapina,Port –  Harcourt 2nos. 1275kg/17p pass. Lift serving 5s/o @ 1m/s                                                                                     1no. 1275kg/17p, pass. Lift serving 5s/o @ 1.6m/s                                                                                               1no. 1275/17p, pass.lift serving 6s/o @ 1.6m/s Client: Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas                          Main Contractor: Bouygues Construction Nig. Limited (BNL) Ongoing
5 NPDC Benin Office                                 (Eight (8) Equipments) 62/64 Sapele Road, Benin City Edo
2nos. 2000kg/26p passanger elevators @1m/s                                                 4nos 1600kg/21p passanger elevator @1m/s                            2nos. 100kg Dumb Waiters 2s/o at 0.30m/s
Client: Nigeia Petroleum Development Corporation                                                Consultants:  Interstate Architects;                                                                                                                                       Unecon Associates Ltd Ongoing
6 Rainbow  City Development             (Thirty-Four (34) Equipments)  Trans Amadi  Layout Portharcourt 24nos. 1000kg/13p Monospace  pass. elevators serving 11s/o @ 1.6m/s; 6nos 800kg/10P 14s/o @ 1.6m/s ; 4nos 900kg/12P 14s/o @ 1.6m/s Client: Rainbow City Development Company                                         Consultant: Consem Associates;      BQC Consultants Limited Ongoing
7 Gombe International Conference Centre                                           (Four (4) Equipments) Bauchi – Gombe road , Gombe 2nos. Escalators; 1000mm step width; 35deg inclination and 4560mm vertical height                                                                            2nos. Escalators; 1000mm step width; 30deg inclination and 5300mm vertical height Client: Gombe State Government                     Consultant: Globarch Associates Ongoing
8 Hotel At  Ikot Ekpene (Four Point Sheraton Hotel)                                                  (Four (4) Equipments) Akwa – Ibom State Government 2nos 1600kg/21p,14s/o@2m/s                                                                                             2nos 1800kg/24p,14s/o@2m/s Client: Akwa Ibom State Government                Main Contractor: Ronesans Nigeria Construction Awaiting Handover
9 Calabar International Conference Centre                                 (Seven (7) Equipments) Submits Hill Development Area Calabar 2nos 1275kg/17p,4s/0@1m/s                                                                                        5nos 630kg/8p,3s/0@1m/s Client: Cross Rivers State Government                               Consultant: KOA Consultants; Courtney Michael Partnership Nig. Ltd Ongoing
10 Enugu State Secretariat   {Sixteen (16) Equipments Installed}                                                                                                                                                                         Enugu 16nos. 1275kg/17p Passenger elevators serving 4s/o @ 1m/s Client: Enugu State Government                        Main Contractor: Arab Contractors                                                    Consultant: Shell Concept Ongoing