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We represent the world-renowned COXGOMYL of Spain in Nigeria, providing building maintenance units solutions. We are involved in the Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs of all ranges of COXGOMYLbuilding maintenance units.

All over the world, Curtain Walling and Glass Facades have become the current toast of Architects and the pride of Builders and Property Owners.  However, the ravages of wind, weathers, dirt, these elements and environmental hazards make a mockery of these otherwise solid investments in no time.

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Here in Nigeria, most Consultants, Architects and Property Managers, simply forget to include or plan for permanent Traveling Maintenance Platforms and Cradles.

Statistical evidence also indicates that many of such buildings are currently being cleaned or maintained with a staggering annual expenditure.  The bulk of these sum being for erection of scaffolding or some other highly dangerous and unsafe handling devices.

COXGOMYL was established in October 1955 by Eric William Cox. CoxGomyl is an engineering company specialized in the design, manufacturing, supply of Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) and providing solutions to the world’s tallest and most complex buildings.

COXGOMYL High-rise Cradle Units are calculated and planned to match the height of the building, the safe working load required, the size of the area to be cleaned, the roof structure and shape, the structure of the facade, as well as the prevailing circumstances such as wind, air pollution and climatic conditions.

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COXGOMYL BMUs (Gondolas) Global Skyscrapers Project References includes but not limited to the followings:

  1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE 828m
  2.  Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan 508m
  3. Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China 492m
  4. Bank of China Tower, HK, China 367m
  5. Shard London Bridge, London, UK 310m