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Krestal Laurel exclusively represents the world-renowned KONE Corporation of Finland in Nigeria and West Africa Sub-Region providing elevator and escalator solutions.


We are equally involved in the Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Provision of warranty (Backed by KONE Corporation, Finland) and Repairs of all ranges of KONE Elevators and Escalators among other electromechanical equipment.


KONE Elevators were first installed in Nigeria approximately 35 years ago, and various lift types ranging from standard Passenger Lifts, Panoramic lifts; Hospital/Bed Lifts, Goods and Car Lifts, through Service Lifts to such special installations like Handicapped Peoples’ Lifts, Stair Lifts, Escalators and BKG Dumbwaiters from Germany have been installed and are working satisfactorily with minimum maintenance, smooth operation and accurate leveling.


The Installation, Maintenance and Repair Operations are executed under the able management of highly experienced and qualified Nigerian and Expatriate Engineers who are ably supported by competent Technicians.


In the elevator and escalator industry, KONE is known worldwide as a service company and technology leader with the most innovative options. A reason why we are a strong partner.


Simultaneously, KONE’s products and services are cost-competitive and its processes characterized by globally aligned operational excellence.


KONE Elevators and Escalators of Finland, which pioneered machine-room-less lifts (Monospace) and counter-weight-less lifts (Maxispace) is one of the world’s largest elevator and escalator companies. It operates some 800 service centers in more than 40 countries and delivers approximately 25,000 new elevators and escalators annually.  Its service base consists of 520,000 elevators and escalators.


We have enclosed our Company profile including details of On-going and Completed Projects, for your perusal.


Notwithstanding, the fact that they are included in our profile, we are pleased to list below for your immediate reference some of our major installations and on-going projects.



The Five Absolutes


  1. The elevator shaft is clean & dry before installation work starts.
  2. The shaft is constructed according to KONE Layout Drawings and the Shaft Openings are sealed for safety.
  3. The lifting hooks and ventilation ducts specified by KONE are in place.
  4. 3-Phase Power Supply for elevator and installation hoist is provided.
  5. Storage space is provided on the ground floor close to the shaft and the access ways to the shaft are clear.