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Home Partners Silver Linings Systems

Silver Linings Systems, SLS is a company that provides companies and institutions desiring to house IT equipment of any kind in cost and energy efficient space with a virtually unlimited range of options, since each unit produced can be built to the clients’ unique specifications.  In addition, the enclosures are cooled by the same thermal management systems that are used by the world’s most prominent engine manufactures to dissipate the heat produced by their largest equipment.


Matching Investment in a Data Center to the growth of the business, Silver Lining Data Center Raft, brightens any company’s cloud by:-

  1. Choosing either a Modular Data Center (with customized shelter structure) or a Containerized Data Center (ISO standard).
  2. Lowest initial investment for a professional data center structure.
  3. Expanding capacity of in-place cooling system by up to 15%, thereby increasing the raft’s usable life.
  4. Reducing operation and maintenance expenses due to enhanced serving efficiency.
  5. Enhancing IT equipment life and performance.
  6. Quick and comparatively inexpensive capacity expansion.

Kresta Laurel Limited as the authorized distributor of the Modular Data Center products of Silver Lining Systems LLC of the United States of America here in Nigeria is responsible for all onsite service, such as unit erection, commissioning, preventive, maintenance and  supply of spare parts.

Our Installation, Maintenance and Repair Operations are executed by highly experienced Nigerian and Expatriate Engineers and Technicians.